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School Ties

                                                                                         It was very unusual for Jai to get so angry. His fists clenched, breath coming in sharp and jaws drawn tight, Suhashini had never seen him so angry. He wasn’t the type who screamed or even raised his voice at his wife. But today he was fuming. All because of aContinue reading “School Ties”

Interview with Lipika Bhushan

As an author, it’s great to be able to meet other authors, lit agents, book marketeers. During the Pandemic, many people turned to digital platforms as means of interacting with authors. Lipika Bhushan, an ace book marketeer with years of experience with many reputed publishing houses, started her Youtube channel – Between the lines. SheContinue reading “Interview with Lipika Bhushan”


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I’ve never wanted to do anything other than to write. It was almost like a voice in my head that was propelling me towards the destination.

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