You signed up with a publisher, then what??!!

So you got yourself a publisher, the deal is signed and the ink has dried…hurray!! Now what? After weeks and months, hopefully not years of agonizingly checking your mail box for the acceptance email and praying not to see the dreaded reject note; you signed up. Yes!! The moment you dreamt of, wished and prayedContinue reading “You signed up with a publisher, then what??!!”

A dialogue between Rohan & Archie

  It’s a hot sultry afternoon. Rohan (R) has returned from school and isn’t particularly in a good mood. Not because anything awful happened, because the school isn’t Podar, Mumbai. And he misses everything Mumbai sorely. So just back from school is never a good time for R. For Archie (A) a bad day isContinue reading “A dialogue between Rohan & Archie”