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Making miniature gardens

There’s indeed a time for everything in life. I’ve always enjoyed gardening and plants. I had attended a workshop on miniature garden 2-3 years ago. My interest fizzled out soon after the day long workshop.

In the past few months, due to COVID, like everyone else I’m at home and when home is all you have and nowhere to go, no one to meet; the mind looks for alternatives. And just like that I decided to revisit my earlier interest of making a miniature garden. Actually it started with a friend’s 50th birthday during lockdown. I was thinking of a gift…what to give her. Options were limited as deliveries weren’t happening. So I decided to make a miniature garden for her.

The picture on the left is what I prepared. I wanted to gift her something special that would stay with her. I propagated plant cuttings from the ones I have at home. Thankfully I had the ceramic huts and some stones from an earlier jaunt with miniature gardening. So I put it together to make this miniature garden. Nothing exotic but my friend loved it!!

Made this miniature garden with Aralia & pink Syngonium. Collected stones from my cycling rides around Gurgaon. The kissing boy & girl on the bench are from Amazon.

Table for you. Bought these accessories from Amazon. Stones and chips from another online nursery. The plant is a variegated spider.

And now I’m hooked to miniature gardens. I’m not at all the artistic kind and absolutely have no sense of colour or design. So for now, I’m selecting designs from Pinterest and other online sources to create miniature gardens. These make very cute gifts, don’t you agree?

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