Bold and racy with unexpected twists and turns, 'A Forgotten Affair' packs quite a punch with romance, infidelity, abuse, amnesia- and a woman's journey to discover her own depths and strengths.Vinita Dawra Nangia, Editor, Author, Columnist, Director Times of India
The book makes an excellent read. Loved the plot, characters, flow, narration and the end. Almost everything. Will make a good movie. I am sure the book will rock. One feedback only: I wish there were paragraph or two on Dia aka Deepa's relationship with her husband, why she chose to become an escort, why she decided to help R and her change of heart and why she decided to help S. D appears to be what Helen was in 1970s movies. Sumant Batra, Director-Kumaon Literary Festival
Kanchana works deftly through the back and forth of amnesia, one where the protagonist struggles to find her forgotten self and pull out strands of memory from words, fragrances. The writing is nuanced and pacy. The author deals with a very real issue, that of emotional abuse of women amongst the upper middle class, one that doesn't really get much airplay. And best of all, without giving it away, I like that Kanchana goes contrary to what one assumes the end would be. Take a bow, Kanchana. Kiran Manral, Bestselling Author
A Forgotton Affair is a refreshing take on contemporary marriage. It is a story of young women trapped in a bad marriage. She loses her memory in an accident, while she tries to put together the pieces of her life, she discovers herself. The well-crafted plot demonstrates the fine storytelling skills of the author. The story build-up is fascinating. It is an intriguing tale - fast paced and gripping. The suspense reveals slowly, layer by layer thus leaving the reader longing for more.. Sujata Parashar, Bestselling Author
If you are thinking of this book to be just a romantic novel, it is much more than that. Suhani Singh on
Beautiful story... I loved it... It wasnt s cliche at all.... Very bold and beautiful thinking on the pain of the author... Waiting for more Ruhani on
Right from the beginning of the story, Kanchana has our attention. Her narrative style is smooth and uncomplicated. There's nowhere in the book where we lose interest. This is a fast paced and gripping be finished in one sitting. Men and marriage is not a means to an end in a relationship and Kanchana makes this point without much ado. It is the women in this story who shine through all the story. Though this is Kanchana's debut novel, she writes like a pro.Janaki on