Writing Novel 2

Let me make it clear at the very outset, I'm no longer writing my second novel, it's actually Novel 3. Novel 2 was written and then I scrapped it totally. I kept just a sliver of the original story and crafted a completely new story. So while it will be my second book, it's actually the third story I'm writing. Boy! it has been such a roller coaster ride!!

Let me rewind a bit here to tell you the story behind the story. So I finished writing Novel 2 earlier version and before I could submit it to my publisher I had a bad fall and fractured my right elbow. I couldn't work on my laptop as the cast left my hand immobile. All I did was watch Netflix and read. This is when the story began to whisper in my head. Yes, it does happen. It began telling me, W​rite me in a different way. Make it more edgy, more thrilling. Blame it on the crazy dark serials I like to gorge on or my obsession with the twisted...whatever, the whisper was there. I silenced it and  submitted it to my erstwhile publisher and another. 

When the former refused, it made me  sit up and think. I strongly believe rejection isn't a NO. It's just the Universe telling you, rather pointing you to a different path. In fact the second publisher was interested in the earlier version of the MS but by then the whisper in my head had grown to a scream. I'd written a detailed summary of the new version and showed it to them and she said, "This is so much more exciting than how the story is now. What do you want to do? Go with the current version or write it differently?"

There's something about me and the path less traveled. I love the latter. I said, "I will rewrite it. I want to tell a story that I am proud of." It's always easier said than done. This meant trashing 80K words of the MS and writing from scratch. This isn't minor tweaks in the story. It meant completely writing a new and different story with just a thin skeleton from earlier version. Believe me, I had no idea what I was  getting into. I would discover soon in the months to come. All this happened in December 2017.

I began writing in Jan 2018 and by mid April 2018 I finished the first draft. That's 80K words. Yes, I am possessed. The story kept screaming in my head. Shut up and  write me the way I want it.​ I followed the scream every bit of the way.

All this sounds so easy and fun. It isn't. While one voice screamed ​Yes. Another whimpered, ​Are you mad? You were close to signing a deal. What the F were you thinking? Are you sure you're going to be able to pull it off? You aren't that smart. You are ordinary, at best with flashes of good.

I heeded the scream and ignored the whimper. But I kept wondering can I pull it off? Now that I'm editing and polishing, I'm filling in the gaps and improving the story. The first draft is really a vomit draft, specially if you write it in 4 months. I easily have 3-4 months of work left on it. 

I'm once again chasing a rainbow with no idea of what lies at the end of it. There's no editor or publishing house waiting for me and my MS. While many of my author friends write and get published one book after another, I'm still one book old and hammering away the next one.

I'm dreaming and hoping Walt Disney's words come true for me, again.


​Apologies Mr Disney for the change.

Even as I write this, I worry about where I'm headed. It would have been a lot easier to stick with the earlier version. That was my comfort zone. What I'm attempting now is herculean by my standards. I'm writing the story in first person, in the voice of three characters and each of them tells the story as it is NOW and BEFORE. The NOW story is in present continuous while the BEFORE story is in past continuous. Sounds too ambitious and crazy, doesn't it?

As I type it here, it sounds like a mad crazy idea?

Do I have it in me to pull it off?

Honestly I don't know. 

Will there be any takers for this? I have no clue.  My friends keep pepping me or maybe they are kind and love me too much.

All I know is that I can't rest till I've given this my all.

If I fail, at least I'll be able to tell myself: ​I tried.

So friends, wish me luck. I have jumped into the deep end of the pool with very basic know-how of swimming.

Will keep you posted on how it goes. So Long...