This isnt a movie to be liked

​Lipstick under my Burkha. This isn't a movie to be liked. It's a movie that raises uncomfortable questions, questions we don't want to think about, forget ask. The aunt in the family who became a widow decades ago; well, what could she possibly need. she has it all. Money, decent home, a car to get her around, friends and family around for company. What more can she want? What more can a 60 something woman, or may be 50 something widow possibly need?

Sex. physical intimacy. huh? What's that? That's something only the young and hip need, want and crave. Our aunts, grand moms and mothers don't need that.

And marital rape. Lets not even get into that. He is your husband and has the moral, legal right to do what he pleases. Right? And where does this rubbish happen? Not to me or my friends. Well, here's news for you, it happens. Shit happens and it happens to large number of women who gulp it down night after night steeling themselves to bear it and hope it gets over soon.

Lipstick under my Burkha isnt a movie to be liked. It is supposed to make you cringe. It's supposed to make your skin crawl. It's supposed to make you want to shut your eyes and not see it. Hope it does the opposite. Opens your eye wide, opens your minds wide and makes you think and then hopefully act.

May be next time you meet that aunt of yours or may be even your mother (yes, your mother) who became alone years, years ago; may be you will see her as a human being with needs more than just roti, kapda and makan.

The truth is seldom pretty, rosy or comfortable. Truth should unsettle you, make you shift in your seat, make you feel that someone just cut off the oxygen in the room. That's what Lipstick under my Burkha should be doing to you.

I can understand why many have disliked the movie. I have two widowed aunts in my family. Both of them in the 60s. Both fiesty and fun loving people. How would i react if I found out that they were having phone sex with someone they met on FB? I consider myself a broad minded and open person. Hell, I am an author I should be open minded. But honestly I don't know how I would react if the above mentioned happened. But this mindset needs to change. I need to change and so do you. Then may be gradually the society will change.