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The Lovers


“Have you taken the morning dose?” she tapped his shoulder, shifting her body weight on the walker.

“Huh?” he mumbled absentmindedly, flicking the article to scroll up on the screen.

“Uff! Mahesh. This is too much. You know this has to be taken first thing in the morning before”. He didn’t let her finish.

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Emotional depth touched to its highest level ,and very artistically described .and I love when you say ...simplest questions often... Read More
Friday, 24 March 2017 14:45
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School Ties

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It was very unusual for Jai to get so angry. Fists clenched, breath coming in sharp and jaws drawn tight; in ten years of marriage, Suhashini had never seen him so angry. He wasn’t the type who screamed or even raised his voice. But today he was fuming. All because of a Facebook profile, which she created without his knowledge. He found out and hell broke loose.

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The Arrival

“How can she sleep so peacefully?” his elbow nudged her accidentally as he shuffled in his seat.

He felt annoyed at her complete lack of nervousness in the wake of the situation that awaited her, few hours away.

“How can she not feel nervous, or  Atleast anxious?” Then he reasoned and scolded himself for thinking like that. “A typical indian!”

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The Song of love

The Song of love

till v meet again

He cleared his throat knowing she’d be annoyed with the intrusion. But it couldn’t wait.

She opened her eyes, still in a daze…the riyaaz always took her to another zone. Then her brows crinkled with annoyance. She hated being interrupted during the practice.

“You need to take the call. It’s him.” The name was never uttered between them. That was how it had been decided and agreed.

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A dialogue between Rohan & Archie

It’s a hot sultry afternoon. Rohan (R) has returned from school and isn’t particularly in a good mood. Not because anything awful happened, because the school isn’t Podar, Mumbai. And he misses everything Mumbai sorely. So just back from school is never a good time for R.

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