There’s always a time and place for everything. Nothing in life happens before its time. But Destiny isn’t a matter of chance; it’s about choice. Life gives us a chance, an opportunity and it’s up to us what we make of it.

In Dec 2013, I left a flourishing freelance writing career in Mumbai and moved to Gurgaon grudgingly with my husband. I was writing and working with reputed companies in Mumbai and I consoled myself saying: Gurgaon is a corporate hub. I will build connections and soon have more work than I can handle. Little did I know that my Destiny was waiting for me.

A chance meeting with an enterprising woman at a networking breakfast meet set me off on the path to start organizing writing workshops in Gurgaon. As I conducted workshops with my partner, who is now a dear friend; I began writing my first novel. Corporate writing and projects is now a forgotten affair.

 My debut novel – A Forgotten Affair, published by Harper Collins was launched in August 2016. It’s true everything in life is destined to happen at a particular time. We just have to be ready.

Early Years

In what seems like a different lifetime, I used to be a freelance features writer for a plethora of publications. And then I wrote for reputed MNCs. This is what I did for almost 19 years before I fulfilled my dream; of writing a novel.