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There’s always a time and place for everything. Nothing in life happens before its time. But Destiny isn’t a matter of chance; it’s about choice. Life gives us a chance, an opportunity and it’s up to us what we make of it.

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17 July 2018
'It is always the story that is the key. I never really think of genres or where one could slot it in. I believe if the story is good, the reader will read. Genre be damned.' ​I knew of her ...
14 July 2018
​​My first introduction to Shuchi was on Twitter. I was taking baby steps (still am), struggling to figure out how to say it all in so few characters, while Shuchi effortlessly breezed through with a ...
11 July 2018
​Mumbai, 2001. In the waiting room of a doctor's chamber with my 3 year old son, I was leafing through a woman's magazine. I've always enjoyed reading agony aunt columns and that day I read ...


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